Tuesday, August 2, 2016

He is a Good, Good Father!

     This post is all about giving praise to my Father. I am so loved, not because of anything I have done, but just because of who He is! I would like to give just a few examples of His love and leading in my life the last few months. First, He allowed me to come home for a 6 week vacation to reconnect and love on my kids and grandkids. This was not a planned trip, but He orchestrated it for me. It's a little complicated, but the upcoming election  in Gabon, and having to avoid certain weeks in the capitol, made it possible for me to return to the U.S. At the time I was concerned about missing the time of testing and interviewing of new students for our nursing school. But again, He knew that this was going to get postponed until September, and that I would be back in time to participate. I am thankful for His timing. Sometimes we can't see ahead, but He always has perfect vision. God is good!
     He also opened a door for me to go visit family in Oklahoma. This had not been on my agenda when I came home, but what a blessing it was for me! One of my cousins has been struggling with cancer for several years and it was so good to connect with her and her husband, and to see her health improving. God has given her an "all clear" on the cancer front. What a miracle! I also had really good times with my uncle and other cousins. God is good!
     After 2 weeks of being home, I received an e-mail from my sending organization that I needed to have a full physical while home. I also would have to be approved by their doctor before I could return to Africa. This was a little frustrating for me, because I only had 4 more weeks to get all the tests done, get results to my G.P., and then everything sent to the CMA doc, and get approval. Also, I had already booked my flights back. I wasn't sure it would be possible to accomplish all this in 4 weeks, but again, God  opened doors for appointments, and I was able to get all accomplished and received my OK to return with a week to spare. God is good!
     The first week I arrived home I saw my orthopedic doctor about my knee and he ordered another "Synvisc" injection to be administered before I return to Africa. Getting this through the red tape of my insurance to get the medication in a timely manner has been frustrating. Last Friday after spending another 2 hours on the phone between doctor, insurance, back to doctor again (you get the picture), I finally told the Lord, this is in your hands. I've done what I could. If you want me to have the injection before I leave, you have to fix the problem. If not, help my knee to maintain until I come back next year. Well, within one hour my doctor's office called and said it's taken care of and we will call you next week to come in. God is good!
    I have had a good time reconnecting with my grandkids, and was so happy to bond with "Nora", who was only 4 months old when I left. She is now smiling at me, letting me play with her, and letting me hold her. God is good!
    There have been a lot of other things I could share, but I hope you get the idea that God is a good Father, He is in control (even of the small details), and I am thankful that He is my Dad!
     As I return next week to France first (dropping off my granddaughter who will be working at the language school I went to), and then to Africa, I would like to ask for prayers for the following:
- good travel without sickness or delayed flights or lost luggage
- a great time in Albertville, France for a few days with Sonia, and that God would help her settle in and adjust to her new life there for the next 11 months.
- readjustment as I settle back into life in Africa (relationships, heat, humidity, ministry, start of the nursing school)
- that God would continue to do a mighty work at Bongolo Hospital and that He would receive all the glory.
Thanks for all your prayers. I am so blessed to have prayer warriors, and I feel your prayers always! Sandie

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  1. Sandie,
    Yes, God is good! You gave great examples of his goodness! Praying for you, Katrina