Monday, March 3, 2014


"Lord, you have given me so much, but I ask for one more thing; a heart of thankfulness".
Things I am thankful for today:
1) Being a child and friend of God
2) His word
3) my wonderful family- and a shout out to my son, Chad, who's birthday is today!
4) wonderful friends, old and new
5) living in France for a year; what a journey to live in a new culture and learn a new language
6) the opportunity to serve God in missions
7) French Bolangeries (the bread here is amazing)
8) the French Alps (every day I get to look out my window at magnificent mountains)
9) Having a rental car for a couple of weeks (YES! Freedom)
10) Skype- so I can keep in contact with those I love (can't imagine how hard it was for missionaries in the past to leave their families, and never see them again!)
11) A break from language school- so great to give my mind and body a rest.
12) the ability to listen to my pastor's sermons (in Riverside) on a podcast. I love going to the French church, but still only understand about 1/4 of the message, so to hear a message in my heart language is super important.
13) Homemade peanut butter (since peanut butter is rare in France, and super expensive, a friend here taught me how to make peanut butter in a food processor with just peanuts, a little oil, and a little honey. Super yummy!)
14) Hopefully, a chance to visit some nearby French towns this week (if only the sun will come out, and it will stop raining and snowing).
15) Cards and packages from friends and family back home- they mean so much!
Well, I think that's about it for now. Love you all, Sandie


  1. It is wonderful how you have found so many blessings in the midst of all of the trials that come with so much change Sandie. May our God of love and peace be with you each day... Sallie

  2. Thanks Sallie, He is!!! That's what is getting me through this! :)