Thursday, March 13, 2014

Le Fromage Usine (the cheese factory)

I've been able to do a little sightseeing while on a break from school. One of the most interesting places I have visited is the small village of Beaufort, high in the Alps. In this town, most of the people are animal farmers, cows (vaches) and goats (chevres). The use the milk to make a variety of products, but mostly cheese. We got to tour the factory where they make the cheese, and watch the men at work, mixing the cheese, pressing the cheese, wrapping the huge wheels of cheese in cheese cloth. Then we watched a video of their way of life. Again, super interesting, and I understood quite a bit of the French spoken in the video. Then the tour ended in the store, where we got to taste and buy cheese. Yummo! They say the 4 food groups in France are; bread, cheese, wine, and chocolate. Oh boy, my waistline is feeling it. I gotta go back to eating salads or I'll be in big trouble. I will try to post some pictures of this little adventure, but for some reason I am having trouble getting them to post. So, check out my pics on facebook.

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