Friday, January 10, 2014

Adventures in eating!

      Today marked the 1 week anniversary of my arrival in France, and I thought it would be fun to brave the restaurant scene as a celebration. I invited one of my new friends, Christy, a 30 something single girl who is a teacher, and going to Republic of Central Africa. After strolling the boulevard and looking at menus we decided upon a Creperie. Of course, we couldn't read much on the menu, but we know some basic terms. Anyway, I decided on the American, which I thought was going to be a Cheeseburger (sounded so good!) and a crepe for dessert that has caramel and vanilla ice cream with chopped nuts. My friend ordered the pizza and a nutella crepe for dessert. Well, here is what we actually got; my "cheeseburger was a crepe with a fried egg in the middle, and a hamburger steak off to one side with pizza sauce on it. I ate most of the crepe, none of the egg, and a few bites of the hamburger steak. My friend got a pizza crepe with ham and onions, and leeks, and a few other things on it. They were both pretty weird (especially since we didn't know they would be crepes!). Anyway, the dessert crepes were fantastic and worth all the other weirdness.
      The company was superb. It is so nice to share with like minded people who love the Lord, and just want to serve Him. Christy is much more a novice at French than I am (hard to believe), so she has been very scared in class. She shared that this morning in her devotional time she was reading about Moses and the burning bush. Moses was very scared to do what God had called him to do. God kept reassuring Moses by saying "I am" is sending you. Really, when you think about who it is that has called us to do whatever he has for us, why do we sweat the small stuff, like learning French. He is more than adequate to accomplish that and whatever else it takes if we are just willing. Someone told me once that God doesn't always use the best and brightest, He uses whoever says yes! So I hope that this will also be an encouragement to you who are reading this. We serve the great "I AM"! He is able to equip us for the job at hand. I'm thankful for this. Signing off from France.


  1. I love your posts. Enjoy the fresh air as much as the bread. Lol. Have you tried any cheeses yet?

  2. Have I tried cheese? Oui, Oui, Oui!!!