Friday, January 24, 2014

Going for walks

I like to go for walks after all day in the classroom. It clears my head from all the French grammar and also refreshes my body and spirit. Today I took an especially long walk, clear out of town, and up part of a mountain. It was amazing; cold, crisp, beautiful mountains surrounding me. I saw some really cute little French houses, some chickens, a neat little canal, and my favorite Bolangerie (of course, I had to run in to buy some bread!). I took some pictures, and have been trying to post them without much success. So I will keep trying. Oh, and I took a picture for my friend, Mathilde, whose family lives in Chambery (look for the road sign). Well, Bon weekend!


  1. I would be living at the Bolangerie!

  2. There are nice places to walk in Albertville.

  3. Carolyn, yes, it is an absolutely beautiful city and I am enjoying the snow covered mountains!