Thursday, January 9, 2014

French Vowels

Today was our first full day of class. We learned all 15 French vowels, along with the accents that change how they are pronounced! Are you kidding? I can't even pronounce them without the accents! To say the least, French is very different than English. We have what is called a "lazy" mouth; we don't have to use very many mouth or facial muscles to say the words we say. But French uses every mouth and facial muscle known to man. My face is actually tired tonight! With all that aside, this was a great day. I supposedly got in the 'hard' teacher's class. But I think she is amazing. She is such a good teacher. I feel like I am really going to learn from her this year, and am very thankful that God put me in her class. On another high note, I got my foam topper that I ordered from Amazon for my "hard as rock" mattress. So hopefully I will sleep better tonight. I also ordered a rice cooker, and was able to have a delicious dinner of salmon, rice and green beans. Yummo! The bread here is amazing, and if I give in to it, I will come home even fatter than I am. On every corner there is a Boulangier (think that's how it is spelled) with fresh bread, crescents, and other yummy treats. Well, I've got to get my head in the books now and review my vowels. God bless, Sandie

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