Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The ups and downs of language study

       Wow, what a roller coaster ride this is! Sometimes I really comprehend things and feel so positive, like I am actually going to learn French. Other times, I feel defeated, exhausted and like I want to give up. This has been one of the hardest things I have ever done. Way harder than my master's program was! It seems like all I do is study. Last weekend was really tough, because I had studied so hard for my evaluation (nice word for test!). Well, I didn't do very well on it! When I got the graded copy back, and I looked at some of the things I wrote I couldn't believe it. And I completely left one part blank. What the heck??? Well, I guess you can blame it on stress, or maybe it's just the 59 year old brain cells! Anyway, I'm going to just keep trying. I'm also meeting with my teacher tomorrow for a one-on-one tutoring session. Hopefully that will help. Anyway, if you're out there reading this please continue to lift me up to our Father. This was His idea, so I'm completely dependent on Him for getting me through!
       On a positive note, I have mastered the French grocery store, bank, bus, and post office. I'm also looking for a language partner, so keep that in your prayers too. I would love to have someone in the medical field so I can learn some of that terminology. I am making friends and have had 3 gatherings in my little apartment for meals and study partners. I have also been invited to some apartments of students for meals, games, etc. My friend Christy and I watch Downton Abbey every week on her computer. I can't seem to get it on mine. That's my one TV show a week. Oh, and I finally got a phone, so now I can talk to some of you back home! Talk again soon!


  1. You'll catch on to the French. I'm glad you're mastering the bank, store, bus, etc. Also fun to have friends in for meals. This week I've been watching the first season of Downton Abbey for the first time. I like it.

  2. Carolyn, still having trouble with the evaluations. I think I know the material, but it's not crossing over on the tests. I have arranged to meet privately with my teacher for one hour every week. Keep praying that I will get this stuff. I think part of the problem is the fast pace at which it is all taught. Can hardly catch my breath! Feeling discouraged tonight, but laying it at the foot of the cross.